DPI Mag, Taiwan 2007


/ Interviewed by Claire Lo

(read in chinese…)


What is the main idea from your artworks?
I think that each of my artwork have a different idea. However, looking back, I can recognize some main themes: the link between object and subject for example like in my puppets and models series as much as the toys for our sad society that don’t know more how to play like in my Irobò giant robots installations, … recently I am working a lot on the relationship between visual patterns and structures in my works, for example the upcoming monographic book Punkie Totalista (240 pages, published by ROJO editions worldwide) will be full of this kind of artworks. The installation-workshop I’ve done last week was a giant structured labyrinth make of recycled cardboards and the idea behind was to talk about the path of life.

What was your first art work? How was that?
I think it was a primary school drawing, a portrait of the Madonna. Pencil. Black and white. Copied from somewhere. It was a gift for my grandfather; he was a painter, Giacomo Tabellini. I was about 10 y.o.

When you create your art work, what did you usually think about?
I usually think to the process, to the path, to the flux, to invent ever new rulez to do it, to the world outside me. I create, each time, my new creative process and I don’t know the result of it. Like a software. This it’s.

Where did you get the inspirations from?
Everyday. Friends. News. Music. Artists. Cities. Forests. Sea. Animals.

When you are creating the visual for your apparel, what do you want to present?
Different ways of doing things. Peace. Better things.

When you creating your drawing, usually how do you get start?
I haven’t a usual way to start. Just take a pen, find a paper sheet and draw. Could be?

What did you usually do when you are free?
I walk. I read. I have fun with friends. I try to enjoy life and smile a lot. I sleep.

Which material do you love to use for your works?
Not a preferred one but for example I love to work with recycled cardboards, chalks, markers, transparent paper, recycled wood, acrylic colors, digital pixels, …

Any plan for 2008?
I will go, with my girlfriend and work comerade Erika to Barcelona to start working on my first international solo exhibition that will open next 9th of January at ROJO.Artspace there. It will be my first x’mas outside Italy, cool.

DPI, Taiwan 2007

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