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A partial portrait of my generation that I dedicate to each artists, creators or just friends I have met or touched in the last ten years. What I did the portrait? Nowadays the first page of your website is often the only public face of you. Its shape and its changes over time, although unconscious, are like the shape, the wrinkles and the blinking of the eyes. Portraiting a web homepage, this digital-face, what i get is a picture of how you let the world see you. Portraiting 200 of these digital-faces what i get is a visual metaphor that has to do with the perception of the self in contemporary culture.
Where are the 200 drawings? I’ve shared all of them with our contemporary society, a piece at a time. The full project has been released for free, through BAU, an annual assembled magazine about contemporary culture, to collectors, artists and museums. Inside each copy, or box, of the 2012 issue #9 of BAU there was one of this original drawings, signed and numbered. Possessing one of these drawings 199 collectors may own the link to another artist, creator or just to one of my friends; one more collectors own a link just to me. Everyone can see and reach all the others through this online indexed page of the project. Enjoying a pure networking.

Drawings, 199 portraits and 1 self portrait, pencil and stamp on old foolscap sheets early 2012

Websites, 200 bookmarks early 2012

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    Live painting at Lu.C.C.A. Museum – Lucca Center of Contemporary Art, Italy May 2012
    Launch event of BAU isse #9


    When you sit for an hour and a half in front of somebody, he or she shows about twenty faces. And so it’s this crazy chase of, Which face? Which one is the one? — Francesco Clemente