Vagabondage 2013


/ Vagabondage

  • Painting
  • Retrospective
  • Drawing
  • Solo Exhibitions


The incredible journey of a wandering artist. Forgetting as a working method. Vagabondage as ‘the age of wander’, an inkling of bondage, limits and bonds as aesthetical and ethical perspectives of freedom, the independence of the vision as a choice of field.
NOPX, Torino 2013
Spazio Bianco, Torino 2013

Commissioned by Wild Flowers Festival
Curator Elyron

— Selected press:
ContemporaryArt Torino interview, video, Italy 2013 — IT

Photos © Antonio La Grotta

Solo exhibition at Spazio Bianco gallery Torino early 2013
Photos © Antonio La Grotta

Retrospective 2008-2012 at NOPX gallery Torino early 2013
Photos © Antonio La Grotta


Tyger! Tyger! Burning bright / in the forests of the night: / what immortal hand or eye / could frame thy fearful symmetry? — William Blake