Foco Theory 2010 2012


/ Foco Theory

  • Audio Visual Concert
  • Live Digital Drawings
  • Direction


Of revolution by way of guerrilla warfare, also known as focalism (source: Wikipedia).

A live audio-visual psychedelic concert and live drawing performance. A 50 minutes – 13 songs – apnea in my imagery. A long term collaboration with the indie band Pentolino’s Orchestra from Firenze. Fires, nature, human being, travel and quests, it’s all here.

Various venues, Italy 2011 2012

Teatro di Lari 2012 feat. Pentolino’s Orchestra

Drawing(a)live Festival 2011 feat. Pentolino’s Orchestra
Curator Erika Gabbani

Commissioned by Istituto Gramsci for the exhibition “Il PCI nella storia d’Italia”

RAISE editioned screenprint 2010

Visual notes


Sol pur col foco il fabbro il ferro stende / al concetto suo caro e bel lavoro, né senza foco alcuno artista l’oro / al sommo grado suo raffina e rende — Michelangelo Buonarroti