• São Paulo and Milano (super fun tour)


    I’ll leave tomorrow with Erika. Barcelona then on Thursday São Paulo in Brazil. I am going to NOVA…

    Fupete novafestival São Paulo and Milano (super fun tour)

    I’ll do a mural and installation at NOVA inside the MIS Museum of Image and Sound. Over there I will be the bottom of the heap, seriously, there will be many awesome artists presenting many incredible projects… It is scary, funny and weird at the same time! WOOOOOOOOOOAAAAAAAAAAAMM Check the complete line-up on novafestival.com

    Fupete fupete brucia preview02 web São Paulo and Milano (super fun tour)

    As soon as we’ll return to Italy, after three years from my last one in Paris, I will present a new solo exhibition. “Brucia”, opening May 10th, ROJO artspace, Milano. Details soon.

    Later in May we will manage a workshop in Urbino at the Accademia di Belle Arti, launch the “networking” project, present the premiere of “Schiavi Moderni” the 1st music video I direct, work on my second solo exhibition opening on August 1st in México City… and a lot more is upcoming, our super fun tour… has just begun! Stay tuned on fupete.com/upcoming


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