• Elogio para mi museo de la noche


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    Eulogy for my museum of the night. Published writing and illustration on Indie Rocks! November 2012, Mexico. Invited pen. Read in spanish or in italian

    Elogio para mi museo de la noche. Texto y ilustracione publicados en Indie Rocks! Noviembre 2012, México. Pluma invitada. Leer en español…

    Elogio per il mio museo della notte. Testo e illustrazione pubblicati su Indie Rocks! Novembre 2012, Messico. Penna invitata. Leggi in italiano…

    “Oaxaca”, linocut print.

    Linocut. / Two editions: I (currently for sale) of 35 prints 19,5×24,5cm ca., and II of 11 prints 17,5×21,5cm ca. / Printed in the workshop of Daniel Acosta in Oaxaca de Juárez, Oaxaca, Mexico 2012 / Certificate of authenticity. Signed and numbered by the artist.

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    Updates: tons of pictures and materials…

    Fupete fupete sample 15 LiveMexico Updates: tons of pictures and materials... Fupete Fupete sample montescaglioso Updates: tons of pictures and materials... Fupete Fupete sample pisticci b Updates: tons of pictures and materials...

    Just got back at the studio in Italy! I have the desktop invaded by tons of pictures and materials from the last six months I spent around the world. If I survive the jet lag and to the jump from the gigantic Mexico City to our small town expect a lot of updates in the coming days.

    Tons of pictures and materials from the last six months I spent around the world mean:

    • The installations (1, 2) for the NOVA Festival in Sao Paulo last April.
    • The workshop “Krisis” I held at the Art Academy of Urbino in May, focused on performance and diy artistic practices.
    • The solo exhibition “Brucia” (3) for the ROJO Artspace Milano.
    • The audiovisual concerts at the Lucania Film Festival in Pisticci and in the cloister of the Abbey of Montescaglioso early August (4).
    • The illustrations I did for an exclusive collection of dishes and aprons for Cirio Alta Cucina (5).
    • The exhibition of drawings “Matad Caballo Amarillo” (6, 7) currently ongoing in Mexico City at Vértigo Gallery.
    • Last but not least my contributes to the Festival Drawing(a)live (8) just closed in Mexico: the live digital drawing and animation on a painting by Alfaro Siqueiros (!) at the Museum of Modern Art in Mexico City, the live digital drawing and animation for the concerts of the powerful mexican band Twin Tones, at Cultural Center of Spain in Mexico City and at Museo del Ferrocarril in Oaxaca and the workshops I held about technologies and practices for live drawing performances.

    Yes, a mountain of material to organize and review.

    While you wait, if you have not already done so, watch the video I directed for “Schiavi Moderni” (trans. Modern Slaves), the last single by Rhumornero. It’s my first video direction, original subject, live digital drawings, no post-production, no budget and more beautyfull crap like these. Hope you enjoy it as much as I did directing it. Let’s color this dark world, are you ready?


    That’s all folk.


    Fupete fupete matad caballo amarillo web MATAD CABALLO AMARILLO

    MATAD CABALLO AMARILLO en Vértigo Galería, México DF
    Exposición individual / Inauguración: 29 de agosto 20:00 HRS.
    En exhibición hasta 16 de octubre / Exposición Inaugural del Festival Drawing(a)Live México 2012

    “Nací en medio de los fabulosos años 70, a los siete días las últimas tropas estadounidenses huyen de Saigón, seis meses después Pasolini es asesinado. Fupete es un invento, poesía visual en los intersticios, en las grietas. Para desentrañar la maraña diseño, soles verdes y sopa etrusca de mi tierra. And so Joe Strummer is dead. Hombres desnudos con pasamontañas hacen volteretas en las nubes. Una exposición de garabatos, colores, sangre y gatitos negros. Perros sin cabeza mientras que arde la ciudad-mundo. Negra noche ilumina mis dibujitos de cuerdas y madera. ¡En México, adelante!”

    * notas biográficas en español aqui: http://vertigogaleria.com/site/artistas/fupete